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How to live your celibacy?


It seems that the life of two is more pleasant than life alone ... However, we can ask the question of who can say that since at the same time we also say that it is better to be alone than poorly accompanied ! And without going so far as to say that everyone must relish their celibacy, we must not forget the negative aspects of life together ... When we live in a relationship, we have to account to his half, you must justify yourself on details and in the end you are not totally free. While being single, you are free to do what you want and when you want. It is by adopting such a state of mind that one will manage to live well his celibacy but I am aware that you also need some keys to arrive at having this positive state of mind.

Having written an article entitled I live badly my celibacy that you can find hereI am aware that it is not easy every day and celibacy is a heavy situation for you rather than pleasant. You want to live without fixing your love situation and I wanted to give you the keys so that celibacy and loneliness do not rhyme.

For that you will first have to understand why being single can have positive aspects before knowing how to live one's celibacy thoroughly and be sure to find the right person afterwards.

Why does one have to accept one's celibacy?

You are single against your will or you have separated from someone and you are unable to accept celibacy. It's even hard for you because you want to have someone who loves you by your side. Normal during an extended celibacy.

However, it is sometimes good to live these moments when one finds oneself alone. The reason why it is essential to live one's celibacy with enthusiasm is in 3 words: to better bounce back. Indeed, to be attractive it is essential to show that we are going ahead and especially to keep smiling because there is nothing more attractive than a happy person and well in his sneakers. Moreover there is nothing shameful to be without a partner and one can enjoy life even while being single.

Moreover accepting to be single also allows to out of a love obsession easier.

Acceptance is the key to being in your head!

And what happens when you feel good in your head and sneakers? Well, we are attractive! And so we have nice meetings ...

Whether to find or find the love of a man or a woman must accept the situation in which we are. Otherwise it means that you are in denial and there is nothing worse because it will sooner or later play against you.

You have to keep in mind that opening your eyes to your single situation will open doors for you as well live his celibacy and take advantage of new opportunities.

You are not going to stay depressed, you will go out, meet people, register on a site to get to know strangers.

Indeed, accepting that you are not in a relationship is precisely the basis for creating a beautiful relationship and go forward.

There is nothing shameful about being single!

This may surprise you but I find the title of this part not positive at all! Still, I used it because I'm sure he really talks to you.

In what way should one "accept his celibacy"? It feels like you're talking about a serious illness that's going to have a negative impact on your health or a trauma that prevents you from moving forward. You just have not found anyone yet!

Everyone has gone through this phase of loneliness, lack of affection and there is nothing serious. So you have to accept your celibacy simply because it is not negative and you should not be ashamed of it.

You can enjoy life even as a single person

Is it possible to be good and above all how to be happy by being single? The answer is yes !

I know that for a coach in love it may seem paradoxical but nothing forces you to be in a relationship now and put yourself with the first person to come. It would be a very bad idea because you might make a default choice.

So in the meantime, you can perfectly enjoy life by being single and looking for love. But not the love of a night, the love of a life, that is to say the right person.

This is the moment in your life when you can think of yourself and only you before you want to be accountable. Moreover, the more you will put happiness in your life and the more you will increase your chances of falling on the one or that you need.

You are single and you mope because you have no one in your life? You should not ! You just have to know how to take advantage of this situation and take advantage of it, not to mention satisfaction, at least some advantages. Know that there are many to live celibacy without anxiety, especially if you have experienced a disappointment or after a love failure.

I will mention 4 here, but there are quite a few others. Do not hesitate to share your ideas in the comments section below the article!

1 / As single you will think of you!

Are you saying that single people and autonomously affectively, are more likely to experience positive emotions throughout their lives. And the reverse is also true for married people, who have proved to be much more negative according to some studies and especially men (finding here to read).

In addition, single people will have more opportunities to promote their personal and professional projects because they have less sacrifices to be made as couples. In this way, you will be more likely to fulfill yourself personally than a person who has a relationship.

Likewise, you will have much more time to give yourself to yourself than to give your partner that time. Indeed, people in couples tend to put the other before themselves and sometimes even to let go. Being single, you will have plenty of time to take care of your own person.

2 / No one will make decisions for you!

Being single, no one will impose your choices and no one will intervene on yours!

Being in a relationship with celibacy allows you to make your own decisions, whether from a personal or professional point of view. Having no account to make necessarily facilitates your life every day.

3 / You will be able to meet people ...

To not have any more tired of celibacydo you say that this is your only way to meet many people of the opposite sex and enjoy with them, from a perspective of outings and moments of joy as a sexual point of view to opportunity ephemeral history.

So you will meet singles by being single!

To be at the top at the moment during the seduction phase, I advise you to read these 2 articles: how to flirt a girl and how to charm a man.

4 / Cherry on the cake you will have a better sleep!

By not being in a relationship, you can sleep alone and therefore sleep much better than if you shared your bed with a partner. By sleeping better, you will be more often in a good mood and able to attack your days in the best way.

There are so many positive aspects to be alone and to know how to live positively, I suggest you read this article that discusses 100 reasons why it is good to be single. Especially since better living celibacy also allows later, that is to say once we found the rare pearl, to have an even stronger couple when you go to leave celibacy !

It may seem surprising, but living well on one's life makes it possible, once engaged in a story, to have a well-balanced love life. Indeed, as you will not put in a relationship with the first person, you will not try to fill a gap. Therefore your story will start on a healthy foundation. You will remove any emotional dependence of your life.

You will also feel better about yourself because you will not stress for a yes or a no to the idea of ​​a breakup and become single again.

To have had a long enough period of celibacy also allows to appreciate much more pleasures and moments of happiness of the life of couple. We then want to give but also to receive and we tend to make efforts naturally.

In addition, being deprived of a relationship for a certain period of time allows you to fully enjoy the relationship and thus avoid unnecessary conflicts so you do not have to relive a relationship. heartache.

How to live your celibacy? The 3 essential keys!

Now you can see that being single is not that bad! It is still necessary to know some ways to live well his celibacy rather than to mope because you feel alone (e).

You are surely wondering "how live as a single ? To accept your celibacy and live it thoroughly, follow the 3 tips that will allow you to enjoy your single life.

Define your priorities to live well your celibacy

For to live one's celibacy in the best way and enjoy it, you need to know what you really want in life, refocus on your priorities. Indeed, for some (s), to be single rhymes with partyinghave fun, go out to discotheque, live full of little stories of love while others will seek rather to launch thoroughly in a personal project.

In the same way, you must take the time to find the right partner / the right partner, without rushing in order to be able to love celibacy. Engage, yes, but not lightly, not with the first comer or with a woman just for her physique, nor for reasons like end your loneliness or worse yet, do what people and especially your loved ones expect of you.

It's up to you to make your choice and decide the direction your life will take! You can not mix everything up and not know where you are going. For example, if you succeed in finding love, you need to know if you are really ready to engage in a relationship at the risk of sacrificing certain professional projects.

Stay tuned to live celibacy!

If you do not want to stay single but you stay by the force of things, there is a first trap to avoid to succeed in living well in one's celibacy: to organize one's life as exclusively self-centered.

Indeed, do not reserve all your time exclusively to take care of your person but open yourself to others in order to perhaps meet the soul-sister or live several stories.

You do not have too many constraints and no accountability to anyone. That's what everyone wants in adolescence, but now that you have that, you're not satisfied anymore. Attention all the same, too much independence kills independence !

You must cultivate true freedom that makes you feel good but also makes it possible to meet others. Avoid falling back on yourself and self-sufficiency. The others should not see you as a closed person who does not want to talk to anyone.

On the contrary, go towards others and open up as much as possible. For that you will have to fight against your shyness !

Do not be obsessed with the soul mate to live celibacy thoroughly

To assume one's celibacy is something quite complicated for some people who may have been for a very long time, maybe too long for them. As a result, this desire to be alone is reflected in a need to find love to be in a relationship.

Your great need to be accompanied to fill a lack turns to obsession for some (s)! You do not have to live up every morning thinking about finding love. You must enjoy your life and maybe someday love will fall on you when you do not expect it.

Live well celibacy begins by accepting it and assuming it ! To put yourself in too much demand will make you a person that others will not desire. On the other hand, if you are not necessarily in demand, people will be more likely to go to you.

Your advisor and coach,