How to be self-confident

Objective: to change the representation of Love in the world!


In a word or in 5 letters: "THANK YOU"

I wanted to start this article by thanking you for your loyalty and your trust. You are almost 200 000 now to visit my site every month and to follow me to put more happiness and love in your daily life!

The year 2014 was extraordinary in every way for me and it's mostly thanks to your support and your many positive testimonials. I will continue to give the best of myself to accompany you in your search for the soul mate, to save your couple or find your ex.

For those who do not know it yet, the success of my website is the work of a team of people who work with kindness to put me in the best arrangements so that I am able to meet the maximum of between you but also that I develop personalized coaching sessions. I wanted to thank them through this article and all the people who help me punctually in the review of my books, in the graphics, in the maintenance of the website and in my new projects.

I am a fulfilled coach and I know that 2015 will be a very good year too, because I intend to change the representation of love in the world. I am sure that I can count on your support so I reserve you a unique program with a series of articles, videos and quality projects to help you find your happiness in Love! I will do everything to make this year the most beautiful for you and I take this opportunity to present you my best wishes with all that you wish.

Prepare for the arrival of the Love for All movement!

This is my biggest project for the year 2015, and I'm counting on you to participate because it will consist of create the movement of Love for all ! We are in a society in need of well-being and when I see the number of divorces that keeps increasing it gives me even more the desire to fight.

How to be happy in your life when Love does not follow? It's impossible !

This is the reason why in this very special program I will approach the notions of Self-love, happiness, letting go, depression, perverse narcissistic manipulator but also human relations and positive communication.

We will talk about Self-love!

How can I talk about Love without taking into consideration love of self or more commonly self-confidence? I realized that the majority of my readers really feel the need for advice to become aware of all their abilities, but also their needs and expectations.

Whether you have had a difficult childhood, a lack of love from your loved ones, physical and sexual violence, today you can take a break from this painful past and position yourself for a positive future through the program that I will offer you.

My job will be to give you complete confidence in you through concrete actions and exercises, and thus give you the strength to live better despite the sometimes difficult history of your life.

We all have a weight when we look back and that is what can prevent us from moving forward. This weight is more or less heavy according to the individuals but I want to transmit you the best techniques to allow you to be in total phase with your values ​​and your desires which will dictate your progress and consequently towards a radiant future.

Actions to be happy and change the representation of love

Love for allIt will be a program of specific actions and reflections to help you create a positive vision of your personal and emotional future. We have everything in our society to be happy but by fixing on small details, we sometimes take winding roads.

My program will allow each of you to find the actions that will make him / her really happy!
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An international expansion project that is taking shape!

For several years, I advise and support people from diverse backgrounds. Whether in Canada, Israel, Lebanon, New Caledonia, Algeria, or even China and Australia, everyone may need the advice of an expert. That's why very soon you will be able to find a version of Alexandre Cormont in English!

As many people already know, I am currently in the US for several weeks to finalize this project to create an international site that I have undertaken for many months already. I have already formed partnerships with famous American advisers and you will be able to discover some interviews soon.

The reception that was reserved for me was excellent so what a pleasure to know that aslove coaching expert I will be able to show that in France we have great ideas and a will to build a strong love coaching to help a maximum of people.

If I made the decision to export my philosophy by translating it and making it accessible to the North American public, it is first and foremost to allow as many people as possible to benefit from my advice and that I owe it to you. Indeed, it is thanks to all your positive messages that show me how much you have been change your love life and that others should also enjoy it no matter where they are in the world!

But that's not all, I always have the will to develop myself personally and I foresee several formations as well as trips to study the human and sentimental relations in depth. You will be able to benefit from my experience and my new ideas very quickly through the many resources that I propose on my site.

I sincerely wish you the best for you and your loved ones and never forget spread Love around you and you will receive twice as much !

Your International Love Coach