8 tips to react well after a break!


One of the biggest challenges to dealing with after separation is knowing what to do or what to say to get the right reaction. Indeed, to react well after a rupture is not simple especially when the feelings are always present and that this separation is totally unexpected. Nevertheless, it is perfectly possible to have a good reaction not only to not aggravate the situation but also to preserve its chances of reconquest. After coaching thousands of people after a breakup I know perfectly what are the things to avoid and what to get to set up to rebound after a failure in love.

Things to do after a separation there are not thousands, on the contrary, you have two solutions. Either you decide to let sorrow take over and you continue to let the time do the work for you or you take the bull by the horns and you decide to set up actions to raise the head and if you wish , get your ex. The second option is not the easy way, I am aware of it because it will ask you for some effort, but it is the one that will bring you real happiness and that will allow you to go forward.

When we do not know what to do we often make mistakes and we tend to ask. It is precisely these types of errors or prohibitions of the reconquest that I want you to avoid. I know you are leaving with the right intentions, but now you must succeed in your actions and no longer be guided by emotions. I also know that it is not easy to accept because your reason urges you to return quickly to your ex, but it is not the method to follow to have a good reaction.

In this article, I give you some tips to follow to the letter. Certainly, reading words as hard as those that your ex will say when you have lived so many beautiful moments together will hurt you. But even under the influence of emotion, you must not let emotions take over, no crying or even worse insults. Remember that you can always put actions in place to get it back, but that before anything else you will have to show yourself in the best light, as I explain in the video below.

The 5 things to avoid to react well to a breakup

In most cases one must first ask what should not be done and the mistakes to avoid rather than wanting to know exactly how to act because the priority is to limit the different taboos in order to feel much better.

1 / Get in demand

This is the first reaction for men and women who have feelings and who do not want to draw a pull on this relationship. It is perfectly logical to react thus even if it is a prohibition of the reconquest of love. I will not blame you if you cry or beg the first days. Nevertheless, when it is a situation that persists over time and you do nothing to rebuild, there you make a mistake that handicaps you for the following methods to apply. Keeping one's emotional balance is going to be an obligation.

2 / Harass his ex

Whether for "good reasons" (express your love, talk about your feelings, make promises) or even for bad (insults, threats, ...) it is important not to harass his ex and I would say even more. At first, cut off the contact is necessary. Whether you're looking to get your ex back or not, you should not create conflicts and give a bad impression. Good react after a breakup it's also knowing how to keep your cool and not necessarily take it as an insult or something that is done against you personally.

3 / Ask his ex to justify himself

After years, months of crises, if you've made mistakes, it's very easy to understand the breakup. You are aware of the issues. Nevertheless, the more unexpected the break, the more likely you are to ask your ex. Contrary to what one can think, it is necessary to totally forget this and not to try to constantly ask him to justify his decision, it is unfortunately necessary to accept it and that does not mean to draw a line on this history, on the contrary . It's up to you to understand why he / she decided to make that choice.

4 / Want to see her ex too quickly

To solve the worries of couple and arrange the situation, there is a reflex that comes up often, that want to see his ex as soon as possible. To speak, to challenge him to break between four eyes, to play his last card, there are lots of explanations. However, forcing things and wanting to go too fast is not a method to revive feelings.Breaking with someone is not trivial, we do not decide to break up and then have an appointment with this person, we must also put and accept the physical distance and not only emotional.

5 / Want to take revenge on your ex

It's not just love and the desire to win back an ex who can push to read my articles. Sometimes, overcoming a break is done to be able to take the best out of his ex. However, having a spirit of revenge and wanting to hurt your ex and putting energy into wondering how he / she will also be hurt is a waste of time and obviously it's something to be totally avoided if you want to move forward. I am aware that it is not easy, but it is necessary to do this to move forward.

How to react to a separation in the right way: 3 things to know and do!

Things to do to react well after a breakup are often more complicated than things to avoid, however, to rebound after a failure in love and find happiness, you must do so otherwise it will be much too complicated to recreate a Alchemy between you.

The goal now is to make regret the break with his ex !

The rule # 1 to react well after a break: Take distance with his ex!

To face the separation in love obviously requires to take a certain distance at first.

For long relationships of more than one year I often advise several weeks of radio silence. RH is a method of turning off or minimizing contact when you have children and / or live together. This gives you time to find yourself and follow my method to overcome a breakup in love with different activities. For shorter relationships, ie a few months, or a few weeks, taking a few days away is rather advisable.

You need to take some distance and your ex also. He or she has decided to break up in love so you have to accept it and not want to spend all your time together. Put aside the couple and feelings because it will not help you feel better. The strategy to face a break is not to act towards his ex but rather on your own person is what will make the difference in your situation.

For advice not to crack during this period, I suggest you read this article: the 12 best tips not to crack during a radio silence.

The second reaction to have after the rupture: Refocusing on oneself after separation

When you are in a relationship, you have a tendency to think for two, to neglect your social life, especially when the emotional dependence is too strong. However, the break changes this balance. Indeed, we can not consider a change and feel better after the break if we rely constantly on his ex. It is important to recreate or create your personal life and to find your own happiness.

You have the choice, you can either use this break as a way to rebuild yourself and not to let yourself down or stay in demand but knowing full well that the situation will not evolve and that you will not reach either the To forget or to recover it. Today, the priority is you, you have understood it, the second option is not possible for your happiness. By the way, it is by radiating, by putting more positive that you will increase your chances of the / reconquer it.

The third good reaction post break: Take your time to make the best choice!

I am not just a coach to get his ex. This means that my goal is not that you return with your ex at all costs, I know that it can not surprise but I wanted to remember it and especially to explain why.

I realize that it may seem paradoxical but it is the case. My goal is for you to be happy, it's the most important. It is necessary to avoid all the regrets in life and not to say years after one would have had to do otherwise. Today you have to think about what is best for you, the reconquest or the need to turn the page.

For that it is necessary ask yourself the right questions and reflect on certain elements. If your ex really deserves you, if you have new projects for the couple, if you want to pick him up just to avoid loneliness or because your story has not worked out. It's not easy I grant you but that's why time and distance are needed to move forward and not make mistakes. Reacting to a break is not necessarily in the snapshot but also in the medium term. Take the necessary time to remove some doubts.

To want to forget your ex or to try a reconquest of love is not done under the influence of the emotions but in a logical way because it is what will allow you not only to make the best possible choice but also and especially to accomplish your actions of the right way and therefore to have a better impact.

If you need help getting your ex back, I'll direct you to a coaching session to discover here.

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