Spice up your sex life: All the tips of a love coach!


As a coach specializing in love life, I regularly face the issues of men and women directly related to their sex life, and who wonder how to make love. One might think that only long-lasting unions are concerned, but in fact many couples together for a short time have difficulties in their intimate life, the man has a hard time enjoying or the woman does not enjoy.

It is always difficult to talk about one's marital problems and this is even more the case when they touch on the most personal aspects. However, no situation is doomed to failure and the whole thing is to know how to communicate well to let his feelings, not to mention his frustration, show, but also to offer his half to get out of the routine under the blanket. Indeed, when it is flat calm erotic level is essential to spice up his sex life by thinking of the expectations of his / her partner, but without neglecting his own.

Although sparring is not everything in a couple, it seems complicated to be filled (e) sentimentally when it does not go to that level. However, by using some simple tips, it is possible to reverse the trend and regain sexual fulfillment. To convince you, I propose to apply my tips for a few weeks and you will soon see a profound change.

Adopt the sexy attitude to excite it!

To excite his partner or partner, there is no miracle method because sexual osmosis does not come by chance. In reality, it is a process that is to be implemented daily so that the attraction never goes down. This is the basis of the couple since, as I often say, one should never consider one's half as acquired. It is essential to constantly continue to seduce even after several decades together.

Certainly it is more complex to surprise his darling or darling after several years to rub shoulders, but yet it is not really complicated. In fact, you have entered a form of routine because you stay on your positions. But if tomorrow you decide to put a little novelty, you will soon see the change. Said this way it may seem abstract, but in practice it is much simpler than it seems.

To give some more concrete examples and who will talk to you for sure, I would like you to work on your sexy attitude ! You will develop your Ability to enjoy your darling or wake up the impulses of your companion.

Do not see anything complicated, it is actually a work on oneself to achieve but that will quickly bear fruit. For this you simply need to behave differently in your daily life. Thus, you will have to use at times some language a little more raw than usual. In your way of holding yourself or in your actions, you will also have to behave in a way that your other half did not know you! It can be both oral but also written.

If you go to work before your darling, you can for example leave him a little word on which it will be written "when you return tonight expect me to make you the effect!" Instead of "think about getting the bread on your way home"! Sometimes it does not take more to set fire to the powder and spend a night torrid ...

Yes, even if it surprises you, the mutual excitement and the fact of spice up your sex life also goes through communication! When I tell you that it's essential to improve your life as a couple, it's not just words in the air.
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One must understand the sexual expectations of the other

However, we must also know that the routine is not the only enemy of the sexuality in the couple. Sometimes misunderstandings but also dissatisfaction are so strong that these phenomena cause blockages in your half. Generally they are distinct according to the sex of the protagonist.

For men: These gentlemen often have greater sexual needs than women. They can therefore feel more regular desires and by bumping into the refusals of their companion, it is possible that they consider themselves as misunderstood. This can therefore affect the relationship in the couple and cause tension.

For women: As far as the ladies are concerned, it's a little different in the sense that there is a passage to the act but these the last ones fail to take pleasure as they wish. Female orgasm is a mystery for many men and by dint of being frustrated with their frolics, it is possible that they feel less and less the desire to make love. The book mentioned above provides an answer at this level but all men are not necessarily aware of its shortcomings at this level. It's always a bit degrading to tell your darling thatit does not provide bed or even for him to think that he is not good under the duvet.

In one case as in the other it is not necessarily egoism contrary to what you can think. The reality is often different. Indeed, there are differences between men and women and these are flagrant in their respective expectations. If you fail to deliver, your wife will never know how strong your sex cravings are and your darling will not realize that only he can manage to take a walk in bed. So a simple observation is needed to spice up your sex life must also be on the same wavelength as its half and this requires the understanding of expectations but also the satisfaction of the needs of one and the other . Thus we must understand each other and give each other sexual pleasure. If you are premature ejaculator I direct you to this special issue to cure premature ejaculation.

To spice up your sex life, you have to put your half in value!

One of the fundamental rules for have a really hot couple life is to transmit our desire to our partner and to showcase it. This can take different forms but the best is to use the language for that!

For example, you can tell her how beautiful / handsome she is, how excited her body is, and even better that you've never felt so attracted to another person. This will make him feel special to you and it is always a pleasure to receive such compliments. So inevitably it can only awaken the senses and especially the naughty desires.

Above all, do not overdo it either. Your approach must be sincere and you must show your attraction, that is to say how much his physique, his behavior and his sex appeal attract you. Compliments are the first step towards orgasm because they improve sexual complicity!

For this you can use phrases such as:

- From the first second I wanted you
- You have such an exciting body
- This part of your anatomy makes me totally crack

Do not hesitate to sexualize the conversation to spice up your sex life to raise the temperature one notch. This too is communication in the end and we must not neglect this kind of details. The more you give him the desire and the better your half will return because it will raise the general excitement.
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