My ex cut the bridges: how to relaunch the communication?


How to successfully recover an ex who ignores you? What are the actions that bring results to the people I accompany and who explain to me: my ex has cut the bridges and I am afraid that he / she will forget me (e)? Which steps to follow and which you will be able to apply as quickly as possible.

In this article, I will give you all of my advice on how to react well to an ex-person who has cut off contact. This is a common situation but can really destabilize you because you are afraid of permanently losing the person you love. Fortunately, there are solutions to put in place, especially do not think it's time to give up because you might have regrets later.

So even if nothing is lost yet, you will have to focus precisely on why your ex is distancing himself. If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments at the bottom of the page and I will be happy to answer you.

After a break it is common to say my ex goes away. Sometimes it's good news when both partners do not think about anything or when there is tension or even animosity between them.

On the other hand, when one of the two still likes his ex, it is difficult to see the other one go away little by little to say to himself my ex cut the bridges and I do not support it. In order to adopt the best strategy of reconquest, you must first understand the reasons that lead an ex to want to draw a line on a relationship.

First, you may have hurt your ex. Whether it's betrayal, long-running arguments, or unbearable behavior, he / she had the Broken Heart therefore your ex-esteem that only a distance can appease him.

The other reason that can lead an ex to want to cut the bridges is the fact of wanting to move on and do not dwell on the past. Some people to move forward do not want to go back on nostalgia. As a result they decide to leave behind this previous life and move forward without turning around. This is a sometimes difficult decision and even if your ex is stubbornregrets are often born. But we must accept that it takes time. The reconquest is not fast in this type of situation. Nevertheless this does not mean that there is 0% chance of return!

Rather than make a long theoretical speech, to illustrate my promos, I wanted to explain to you how I advised Isabelle when she told me that his ex had cut the bridges and he was not responding at all. If your ex does not want to talk to you, do that too!

I told her during this coaching session: "Isabelle, if your ex is a radio silence and you do not understand why, it means that he has the power to impose the tempo and therefore not to answer you. you see today as a woman acquired but also and especially person too predictable. That's why you're not moving forward and he's decided to cut the bridges. ".

You need to understand that your ex is doing this because he / she has the opportunity and finally you have a behavior that is not strong enough to compete with him / her. It is essential tobalance the balance of power again so as not to seem too much acquired.

I'm giving you the words I've spoken to him to help him catch up:

"What I want for you now is that you take a distance and you take the opportunity to make a change plan for 3 weeks or 21 full days. ideal way to reconnect with your ex and we know we will act in a few weeks so you do not have to panic. By cons by then you will not consult his social networks! ".

As you can see, I invited him to take emotional distance also to help him control his emotions but also to allow him to have a longer-term plan. It's very easy to panic when you say my ex cut the bridges and yet you can do the same to just avoid asking and to find more serenity afterwards.

I know that you want to find a dialogue with your ex and that you panic to the idea that I say to you "Sorry, but if your ex has cut the bridges there is nothing more to do". I assure you immediately, even if communication is essential to move forward in your recovery, there are still actions to be carried out if your ex is currently completely closed to dialogue.

As a field coach, I have often been confronted with the Ex will to turn the page. Faced with this situation, there are two possible actions, but without your ex considers that it is harassment.

1 / The handwritten letter is a powerful tool to reconnect with an ex who cuts bridges

If you follow my website and my philosophy, you know that I regularly recommendwrite a handwritten letter to his ex because it is a strong act and therefore a very powerful tool to get your message across.

Your ex can read but especially read your writing to give you additional confidence and believe in your evolution.

This action will help you score points so that he / she avoids breaking the bridges permanently because your ex will feel almost obliged to answer you. It is true that you will surely have to wait a little before having the positive effects but you will still be in very good conditions for put you in a position of strength in your reconquest.

To know how to write a powerful letter to his ex I made a 45-minute audio training in immediate access + a practical guide that also contains 3 letter templates. To learn more about this program against the ex who want to cut the bridges, just click here: I want to know how to write a perfect letter to my ex !

2 / Work your repartee!

Another way to be able to find a dialogue and which seems to me very important: it is necessary to have distribution in front of his ex from the resumption of contact.

I recently coached Mourad, who had just been exited after 18 years of relationship. He asked me why his ex wanted to cut the bridges when she had the right to take her liberty and see the children whenever she wanted.

You should know that your ex will always seek to assert and take control of the situation. Mourad was always in demand and asked a lot of questions to his ex.

So he needed to work on his repartee to be more expressive about his change, to make his ex-girlfriend feel guilty by explaining that she now had an unhealthy attitude but also by showing him that he had a busy life and that he had well evolved following this electroshock.

By doing so, you will never be guilty of the past and quite the contrary, your ex will start to ask many questions. To find out more about how to regain control, I recommend you take my strength of the relationship training to find out"How to have a devastating spread that makes his ex think?".

The goal of these two techniques is to show your ex that you are able to really change and bring him the happiness he / she deserves.

With the distance taken by your exyou are afraid that you will not have the chance to show him your change. Force is to recognize that it is complicated to show anything when one repeats my ex has cut the bridges, my ex hate me or my ex does not speak to me anymore I'm screwed!

That's why I recommend that you immediately establish an action plan at all levels!

First you can reveal your new activities or actions on social networks. This will be a great way to react to your ex even if he or she has cut the bridges until now. put some of your posts in public (In case your ex has blocked you) and feel free to change your profile picture regularly. This is also true for whats'app because this is how my coachees manage to react to an ex who seems totally hermetic at break.

In a second step, I will recommend that you confirm your change to everyone around you because it could reach the ears of your ex and put you in a position of "strength". Do not hesitate to use your social circle to be your spokesperson! Your ex no longer wants to talk to you ? Very good but others will carry your message!

If you have friends in common, office colleagues, family contact or just acquaintances around you. All the people who gravitate between you and your ex will allow you to make him want to communicate again to build relationships.

These tips work even if you are remote or think that your ex is very stubborn. I invite you to take action but also to take your time to establish a strategy over time. If you feel that a book like my book 70 pro tips to recover his ex is not suited to the situation and you need specific advice, do not hesitate to go to the coaching page of the site to consider a personalized session with me or with a member of my team.


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