Why does my ex recontact me and ignore me?


During a reconquest in love you can find yourself in many uncomfortable situations and it is therefore legitimate to have trouble managing these moments. This is particularly the case when one has insulted his ex, after harassment, or when it is difficult to keep his radio silence. But sometimes it's not your attitude that is causing your hassle! It is the behavior of your ex that leads you to question and destabilizes you. In this article I wanted to address one of these aspects because I received a comment on my YouTube channel from a woman who asked me why my ex recontacts and ignores me?

It must be recognized that this is a behavior that can become offensive because this attitude gives hope for a return and can give false hopes. When things are clear and the ex in question cuts off contact after separation the situation, though difficult, is rather clear. Nevertheless, for a lot of people it does not go that way. Although this is difficult to understand, the ex remains in contact but flees when it comes to going further. You do not know how to situate yourself and this uncertainty can be painful.

How does it explain why my ex flees after talking to me or sending a message? Why does my ex play a double game with me? How to succeed to understand my ex when he or she ignores me voluntarily? This is probably the reconquest situation in which you ask yourself the most questions. It makes sense not to know exactly what to do because the heart and the reason are opposed. In this article I will not only explain to you how to understand your ex, but especially how to react when an ex returns and then leaves to avoid making mistakes that could ruin your chances.

Why does my ex recontact me and ignore me? here are the 3 main reasons!

When after a breakup in love we come to say to each other he or she totally ignores me it's not trivial. After months or years of relationship, no longer receiving messages, calls or emails is not just a matter of chance. There are reasons, whether you accept them or not, that drive your ex to act in this way.

I note below the 3 main reasons and gives you explanations so that you get them better.

1 / My ex ignores me and comes back because he / she hesitates

It would be wrong to think that your ex appreciates the situation in which he / she is. Nobody takes pleasure in breaking even when it's done smoothly. There are hesitations both at home and at home and his fugitive and distant behavior This is the proof. One day your ex is going to want to get back with you and the next day he / she will remember one of your flaws or doubt your change and will hesitate to come back.

A relationship that ended in failure can be scary in the sense that one thinks negatively, one imagines reliving the same thing as in the past and therefore your ex anticipates a future break. It is not a lack of feelings but rather of trust both in you but also in him / her. And trust in a better future is essential when considering return to his ex.

2 / My ex recontact me then nothing! His goal is to keep control ...

There is a more negative reason that can explain the whimsical behavior of your ex. The fact that you take a distance, that you rebuild gradually, can really affect it enormously. In the sense that he / she was probably expecting you to apply. Nevertheless, if you go ahead and do not let your disappointment show you adopt the right attitude.

So, if you are wondering why my ex tries to contact me then ignore me, the reason is simple, your ex wants to destabilize you because he / she fears that you will find someone else.

It is a form of manipulationif he / she acts in this way it is simply that your ex is in a negative state of mind and that his objective is to make you suffer, voluntarily or not. In this way you will wait before turning the page, you will always give him some luck.

3 / My ex does not call me anymore because I do not have the right reaction

Until now it was your ex who was responsible for this situation, however, in some cases you also have some responsibility. When one wonders why my ex recontacts me and then ignore me, you have to know analyze your own reactions. When he / she contacts you but you respond with reproaches, if you talk about the past, if you beg him then you are in the wrong.

It is therefore logical that your ex starts to ignore you if you commit prohibitions or miscommunication. It just does not make him want to come back and his choice is to get away because you lack subtlety in your re-seduction.

Why my ex ignores me, the other 2 reasons to know!

When we say my ex recontact me then nothing there are also other reasons that may explain his behavior. Thanks to my coaching experience of more than 10 years I also noticed two other reasons explaining the fact that your ex is both distant while keeping in touch with you and that he do not answer you after you have called or sent a message.

1 / My ex does not answer me because he plays on two tables

Saying my ex does not call me anymore or my ex no longer responds to my messages but sometimes comes back after x weeks or x days is the sign that he / she is not totally sincere. The contact is kept with you because he / she does not wish to lose everything and be alone. Basically your ex keeps you under the elbow ! Sometimes your ex may want to go elsewhere while keeping in touch with you from time to time.

Doing so is also a way for him / her to have some control over you, to control a situation and to desire. It is indeed a manipulative attitude and if you see that at the same time he / she sees someone else or tries to seduce, then taking a distance is imperative.

2 / Your ex wants to test you!

I often hear my ex loves me but he ignores meit is true that these are two words that are quite opposite and have nothing to do in the same sentence but in this case why would your ex act in this way? Ask yourself the question! Just to test you. Indeed, by acting in this way he / she is waiting to see your reaction.

Know if you still have feelings, how you feel, if you are angry, if you are resentful, or if you are open to dialogue. The fact of using a kind of technique of flee me I follow you is the solution for which he / she has opted.

In these conditions do not let destabilize and especially limit the verbal exchanges to keep a little mystery.

Here's how to react when my ex recontacts and then ignores me

My ex does not know what to do? This is the question that all men and women face in this context. There are 4 rules to be respected in this situation for change the behavior of your ex who contacts you and then ignores you. The goal is to create at once a feeling of lack but also frustration so that your ex you consider less acquired (e).

1 / Do not talk about your feelings

You are no longer in a relationship, it is important to accept otherwise you will constantly ask you and especially show your ex that you are waiting for one thing, his return! If your ex asks you about how you feel, you do not answer him, you tell him clearly that you do not want to broach this subject that belongs to the past, so you will show him that you get out of love addiction.

2 / Consider your ex as your friend

It is useless to wonder how to take revenge on a man who ignores you or on a woman who does not answer anymore. If you are in a reconquest phase then you must have a much more detached dialogue, more serene, you must see your ex as your friend if you want to move forward and out of love emotions when you dialogue.

3 / Do not sleep with your ex except exceptional case!

When one wonders why my ex recontacts and ignores me and that we seek to change this, we must change his habits. I am speaking to women who are close to ex relatively manipulative. You must refuse to sleep with him until he makes an effort and does not really change. In any case, this is the procedure to follow in the majority of cases. If you have a doubt about the opportunity to sleep with your ex or not, I invite you to consult this special file.

4 / Take no initiative if there is no sign from him

You wrote a letter, you sent messages to your ex and he / she continues to do the yoyo. Today we need concrete and it's up to your ex to change. On your side, you will take the distance and not take the first step, we want it to be he / she who becomes aware of his behavior and who naturally makes it evolve.

If with these actions your ex always seems in hesitation, share then come back or contact you but then do the dead, I advise you to follow a coaching session with me or one with a coach from my team. We will guide you step by step to ensure that you adopt the best possible attitude and that it is you who destabilize your ex!

The coach when my ex ignores me and then comes back